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Top Quality at Affordable Rates

This is my Private Studio located in Chinatown featuring a 7ft tall x 6ft long x 4ft wide sound booth & a Neumann U87 studio microphone. CHEAPEST RATES IN THE CITY FOR THE QUALITY OF MICROPHONE WE HAVE (scroll down!). Taking clients in on a case-by-case basis only

The "Gold Standard" of Microphones

Neumann U87 Ai

Chances are any major studio you ever went to had this microphone. Used by the likes of Drake, The Beetles, Lil Wayne, Ed Sheeran and many others, this microphone is widely used and known as the 'industry standard'. Prepare for high quality recordings when you come to Rich Minds Studios.

Artists who have recorded here:

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At Rich Minds Studios, we promise:

  • Your time will be made the most of
  • Top quality recordings at affordable rates
  • You will receive all your files afterward needed for mixing
  • BONUS: Free Parking & Private Smoking Section!

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